American Flag Waving Lapel Pin with Gold Butterfly Backing
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American Flag Waving Lapel Pin with Gold Butterfly Backing
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Wholesale Patriotic Decorations at Rock Bottom Prices
When you’re looking for wholesale patriotic items at unbeatable prices. Look no further. Rather you want to purchase patriotic decorations for the Fourth of July or any other occasion. H&J Closeouts has what you need! We have a broad range of patriotic item that arecustomize your own shoes onlineperfect for veterans, patriots, party organizers, and just about anyone who wants to express their love for their country. All at extremely low closeout prices. 

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We guarantee you won’t be able to find prices lower than the ones we provide. On top of that H&J Closeouts offers free shipping to its customers with no minimum order price. No need to shop pallets either, H&J Closeouts gives you the ability to buy by the case. You can’t find this system with most wholesale and closeout companies. You no longer have to feel pressured to buy a lot and sell everything just to get to low prices.
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So if you’re looking for wholesale patriotic décor, look no further. H&J has been giving excellent service to its customers for more than 25 years at the lowest prices. Choose H&J for quality and service that you know you can trust!


customize your own shoes online

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gift for father in law, he loved it
For us "a little overweight" people these are the perfect jeans...absolutely love them!
Really pretty anklets. I bought these anklets for a teen birthday gift. she loved them I've seen one of them on her ankle every day. They are well made and I hope they bring her lots of joy for years to come .
Love it
Good socks, though I think I wouldve gotten a better price at Sams Club.
I had based my previous review off a previous purchase. These are NOT the same. They strike me as counterfeit from China or elsewhere. The red "Hanes" printed on these is more faded than on some of the originals I've worn for 2 years. Do NOT buy these. They're junk and going back.
Got this item for my sister as a gift and she was very well pleased with her Kermit The Frog cap.
Quality shirts at a low price. Last just as long as the name brands
This is a stylish wide brim hat. The brim width is uniform all around at 2 5/8" (6.7cm). The brim holds its shape, due to a foam interior.
I bought the biggest size, which is medium-large; the circumference of my head is 23 1/2" (59.7cm) which is equivalent to a 7 1/2 hat size. The hat was too tight for my head; so I cut off the size adjustment string, so that the hat stretches to its full potential to get an acceptable fit. The hat has shrunk slightly since I bought it and is somewhat wearable, but not comfortable. I don't recommend you buy this hat if your head is bigger than 22 3/8" (56.8cm; equivalent to 7 1/8 hat size).
When i did wear it, I would tighten the wind lanyard around the back of my head (state trooper/drill instructor style), which kept the hat in place in windy conditions and looked better, in my opinion. The style of the hat is very similar to the Tilley T3, but at half the price. Although this hat by Sloggers is made in China, the rest of the gear that Sloggers manufactures and sells is made in the USA; so, buying Sloggers merchandise supports American workers.
If you want the same style hat and your head is bigger than 22 3/8" (56.8cm) or you want a more custom fit, then go with a Tilley T3. The Tilley's are more expensive (made in Canada), but they have custom sizes, a warranty, and extra features. Otherwise, I would go with the Sloggers hat OR get them both!
ProTip: When my hat came, the top was wrinkled; if you want your hat to look as good as it does in the mannequin photo, iron the top part. Hold the iron in one hand and run your other hand along the inside of the hat, little by little as you iron it, until its wrinkle free (use a towel or shirt between your hand and the inside of the hat while ironing, so you don't burn yourself).
Also, I tested the hat in a pool, it floats. I held it underwater (at bottom of pool) for 5 minutes upside down, and it floated right back up. I repeated the test with the hat right side up and it made no difference, the hat still floated back up. This tells me that the foam in the brim is a closed cell foam. I am a bit disappointed that the hat is too tight, because I really like it.
Looks nice, good quality and slim design
Too tight on the legs but overall good.
Great quality, fair price, well packaged and look great. Would shop again!
Loved them
Sizes are way off
arrived on-time, as described
Awesome, thick, perfect work out socks. Top quality, not thin like most no show socks.
Wish I could buy more!,,,,UPDATE,,KEEP LOOKING..WEAK HEELS!!
I gave this as a gift to my mother and grandmother. They absolutely love it! Great gift!
She loves them
Got it for my wife from our granddaughter and she loves it.
I LOVE this bag! It is the perfect size!!! Just what I was looking for. I received it in the time frame given when I placed my order. I am very happy!!!
Comfort and yet not too big.
It seem cheaply made, but okay for the price
Unfortunately, I did not read reviews before I purchased these t-shirts. DEFINITELY order at least one size larger than you normally would.
LOVE these RayBans. Didnt realize they were gray inside when I purchased them but I like the look. Very comfortable sunglasses.
Cute and comfy for my little ice queen!
Pros: super cheap price. Classic design.
Cons: super cheap build and optics.ère-Pantalon-Confortable