11″ Officially Licensed Philadelphia Phillies Jumbo Pen
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11″ Officially Licensed Philadelphia Phillies Jumbo Pen
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service shoes design in pakistan

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service shoes design in pakistan
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service shoes design in pakistan
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service shoes design in pakistan

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It's not a bad wallet at all but I cant seem to wonder why my smaller wallet fits all the things yet keep its smaller frame while this one is bigger yet tighter at the same time. Again it's not a bad wallet.
If your used to regular size wallet you will be ok with thos one.
Used this purse while onboard a Caribbean cruise. It worked well for carrying small essentials through the cruise terminal during embarkation and disembarkation. Also handy for walking around the ship. I like the crossbody feature, which makes the purse feel more secure. The leather has softened to a nice feel after a week's worth of use. I do wish the zipper pulls felt heavier/sturdier...time will tell how the pulls stand up to use over time.
Prettier in person. I thought it was going to be kind of thin and cheap but instead its actually very nice. So glad I ordered two.
Bought as a gift for my sister. Pendant is very small and writing is somewhat difficult to read but very adorable for the price.
My husband loves his new hat. The more expensive ones are left in the closet. It is light and airy, doesn't make him sweat. We only received it two weeks ago, so I can't tell yet how well it will hold up after wearing it for a while.
They are fake. 100% no original package looks like they make it in a tiny factory.
So far I love them. Let's see what a couple of runs and washing do
Bought as a Christmas gift for my husband who was in need of a new wallet. I was a little worried he wouldn't like it, moving from a traditional tri-fold, but he loves it. The sleek and slim design was a nice change from the bulky tri-fold. It's more comfortable to carry and helped reduce the amount of unnecessary cards being carried at all times.
Ordered this looking for something to wear while snowboarding-- Worked great! Fit totally comfortably under my helmet, stayed totally comfortable all day and kept me warm. Have also thrown it out just to go out and walk my dog, and it does the job you want it to do!!
I really love the size, color, and feel of this bag. I got it in the tan and red-ish color and it's been really great for fall. The only downside is although it has the little wallet thing, there are no other pockets. I like to put my makeup and keys and a few key items separate but am unable to do so with this bag
I love the bag. I bought it to use as a tote but it is more purse size. It is lightweight though so should be good as an extra.
These clips were perect for my eyeglasses. They also look nice.
Quality was okay but they were too large
I perfer cotton so im not a big fan of the material but it still fits very well and its comfy. I also didnt really like the hoodie straps either :(:
I bought these hats for my sons, ages 9 and 4 with fairly large head sizes. The hats fit great and kept them nice and cool in the desert sun. Both said they were very comfortable. There is a fastener to tighten it to size around the crown.
The fabric overlap on the sides seems a strange choice, but once you get it adjusted it doesn't move around. Thin enough to fit under a helmet and kept me plenty warm on the slopes . The mouth panel is mesh to keep goggles from fogging up, but the nose has less ventilation than expected.
Have purchased these before from web. Shipping and price good and socks fit good for me (8.5 mens)
very nice earrings. Light weight.
Denim cargo shorts have become nearly impossible to find. These are as close as it gets. They do fit much looser in the waist than my other cargo shorts. 38 is about equal to a 40. The fit otherwise is great and they look great and do have Wrangler quality. Not a big fan of the stretch waistband, but better than nothing.
Cheap feeling but looks like picture
I used it while I drive everyday and the are really nice, excellent quality! literally .. I LOVE the new version of these sunglasses !! The design is super tough and the quality of vision is amazing!
Great gift for my granddaughter.
I like the variety of colors, I wear bowties to work my clients love them.
These shirts work great in keeping the sun off of you while also keeping you cool and wicking away sweat. Wear them whenever doing yard work in the blazing Florida sun. Have washed them both several time--one was really dirty from digging a trench and they both still look bright and white and have held their shape. Only using regular pod detergent--no bleach, dry on low. Would recommend this product.
I discovered dark spots on the back of this shirt days after I received it. I was trying it on and noticed the oily spots while hanging it up. I tried to wash it but the spots didn't come out. I'm really so disappointed. I was hoping for better.
Very disappointed. Backs don't stay on. Have lost at least five (of each color) out of the 12 pair.
Better in person
Good quality
https://www.nzlet.com/francepersonnalis7356t4mfz https://www.nzlet.com/produit250/2nd-One-Nicole-Femme-Manufacturer