11 lbs of Assorted Misprinted keychains
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11 lbs of Assorted Misprinted keychains
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converse shoes geelong

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Given as a gift.
Will buy another pair!
I ordered the aqua color and it is very pretty! This wallet is very compact, which is exactly what I was after so that it would fit into the pocket of my motorcycle jacket. The card sleeves are a little tight. The section for change is barely useable as there is no give once it is unzipped. On the other hand, not carrying much change means the wallet is lighter! Like that it is RFID blocking, too.
I bought my first, an XX-Large, red striped shirt, a week ago. It's great. But I went back to buy a few more and no XX-large size shirts are available now in any color. This is an Amazon Essentials item and they can't keep them in stock? Disappointing.
Bought this purely as a toy watch for our toddler. For that it will be great. Build is okay, but functionality is confusing. There is nothing to tell you what the buttons do or what features they access.

For what we need it's great, but if I was buying this for a slightly older kid who was actually wanting to keep time and use the alarm/stopwatch functionality, I'd find something different.

Looks like we were missing the instructions. Seller reached out with concern and provided a PDF. Upgrading to 4 stars now that we have instructions.

Watch seems to work pretty well. We'll see how it holds up and will update review again if needed.
Love these socks!
Everything came as in picture the quality is superb on both the silk and velvet. I really really like the look of the velvet.
Very well made, I love it! Comes in a nifty fake book.
Beautiful set. My necklace fell off twice. Im gonna assume maybe Im not putting it on correctly.
My only complaint would be that I expected the Levi 501s to arrive when I made the online order, but I received the 505s. That in mind, I am satisfied with the overall fit of the jean. I am a 30/32, and the fit of a pair of jeans can sometimes be sort of awkward; however, this jean is well cut and only gets a bit tight in the groin when I sit. The waist is well below the navel, but not as low as a low rise pair of jeans which I don't dare wearing. Overall, it's a great product and seams to have the resilience to last me for a good number of years if I dare wear them in.
Leather quality, stitching and overall fit and finish are top notch!
Exactly what I wanted. Size as expected and price was very good!
Dries quickly and love the hood to protect your head/neck.
One post bent when I was putting them on and the other post broke off. I never got them both on at the same time.
I would like my money back.
The bracelet was super cute and the adjustable strings worked. Unfortunately, the choker did not work. It was cute and good quality, however the adjustable string did not work and was stuck in one place and did not move.
Terrific hat! My XL (perfect fit) arrived one day before our first day of Spring NJ snowstorm. Between the rain and the snow my head remained warm and dry. The aging of the hat is most pleasing, with no heavy stains noted in a few other reviews. It is not at all stiff, with enough flexibility to make it most comfortable. The price offered by Amazon made this a terrific value. I will buy this again when and if the time arises.
Loving this new wallet.

I was happily surprised to find that it's a little more slender than I had expected based on the picture. It expands to hold plenty of credit cards - but if you don't, then it doesn't have to be really thick.

The RFID blocking is a nice extra that my old wallet didn't support. I'd had credit card numbers stolen more than once when traveling internationally in the past, so it's a comfort to know my wallet has an extra layer of protection now.

The ID compartment is outward facing, and makes it easy to slide your ID out of the wallet. I also really like those features for traveling. No more flipping my wallet open to grab my ID - it's right there.

The leather is soft and professional grade.

As a bonus, the wallet comes in a very nice tin case with the Columbia logo on it. The case is useful as a container to hold your wallet, or to store other items in (and it's nice to open a gift that has such nice packaging).
I like it
I brought a watch for my kid she used once and after a mont the watch stop working, I send emails and try to return o exchange but I dont have any answers....definitely not recommend this product because your going to waste your money .
Soft and warm
Love this chain !!
This is the one bag that i've owned which i feel fits my personality to a tee. The only thing I don't like about it is that it does not zip all the way from end to end completely. It does zip sufficiently enough to keep everything inside. The style and price point exceeds any deduction i would give for the zipper not running the full length of the opening. It's worth every penny and more. This is by far the least expensive but most favorite bag I've owned in a lifetime. I'm strongly considering repurchasing in different. I also have received compliments.
A little bit bigger than thought.
Nice shirt. Very comfortable.
So soft! Granddaughter loved it! Made bedtime easier.
They fit perfectly, they're very comfortable, and they're very affordable. What more can you ask for in underwear?
the sunglasses are great and meet all my expectations an i would buy from you again. thank you
Very comfortable.
Love this bag!! Use is as my everyday purse riding to work on my motorcycle. Looks great and lots of room.
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