12″ Deep Multi-Use Closet Storage Organizer – Original Retail $74.95
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12″ Deep Multi-Use Closet Storage Organizer – Original Retail $74.95
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custom t shirt tags

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custom t shirt tags

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custom t shirt tags

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custom t shirt tags

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Cheap, show through tighter pants.
good hat
The material is not very comfortable. The front fit is too flat. The far superior "comfort sport briefs" (also by Hanes) are no longer available.
I love the size. My phone fits perfectly. Very good quality and great price!!
The neck hole is huge, sleeves long, tail long, weighs too much. Amazing design but practically unwearable
Good quality, run a on the larger side.
These were intended to be work socks, but even still..... the toes and heels on all of these are BAGGY. I wanted fatigue relief, not blisters. How could these be work for running?
I have never had the desire to buy from Vera Bradley before. I wasnt into the soft, paisley look. But Ive been desperate to find the perfect tote to commute to university/work with and this is it!
Not only do I love the color pattern, but the size is perfect to carry everything I need without looking like Im traveling across country.
It holds my 13in laptop comfortably with space for plenty of supplies.
The 6 interior pockets are amazing! But the 3 exterior pockets are to die for. I now have a comfortable place for my wallet (zippered front pocket), keys (pocket begins the zipper one), and my phone (the pocket in the seam)! I never have to fumble with my three most important items ever again! Its so nice to have a separate place for my phone and to have easy and discreet access.

The bag dont hold its form when its empty but if you look I one of my photos you can see I barely have anything in it. A small book, some lotion, products, etc and it stands up. I really like this because Im not a fan of the slouchy/hobo look.

Im very satisfied with this bag.

My ONLY complaint is that there are some loose threads but thats it.
This is my 1at full size wallet. Desided to pay a little more for it. Glad I did. Fits nicely in my pocket. Normally I. Would have to remove it when I set down . I can leave this one in my pocket it doesn't bother me like the others did. Am very happy with it. Did not give a rating for durability as I just got it. But it appears to be well made.
I bought them for working out and they fit comfortably
Comfortable to wear them all day at work... Very strong glasses ..
First of all what better way to share a review but with a unphotogenic pose you can awkwardly pull off with these bad larrys.

Durable yet light and doesn't stretch out further than your 20" huffy chain with a spongebob shaped face like mine.

Here's my 3 day review so far

Day 1-
Fast and easy delivery, recieved my package as shown in pictures, ripped the package open like a little kid on Christmas. I can say I didn't expect the quality to be as great as it was and the case speaks for itself. Threw on my glasses and ran to the mirror, for once the mirror didn't break and I felt alive. Its go time. Jumped in the shower told my fiancee get ready, we are going out. I Get changed and looked in the mirror one more time and said "well I'm no leonardo but with a little grease in my hair I could look like james dean and fonzie had a kid". My fiancee jumping in joy we head to the local bar because what better way to show off your fresh new sunglasses but a local bar. I walk in and no one knew who I was, I take them off and hear " its keith!!!" Put them on and no one knew who I was again, so in excitement with awkward situations I can now become invisible. disclosure * does not work with an angry fiancee*.... I tried. So overall my first day went pretty well.

Day 2-
Woke up hungover in celebration of my new sunglasses. Suns shining bright and my eyes are light sensitive. Panicking in search of my glasses I find them in my pocket protector, i look and say please dont be broken, nope! Threw them on and boom! I'm ready for round 2! Grab a white claw and off we go disc golfing at the dam. Moving forward I shot my disc on hole 15 next to the lake I look in the water I'm now in disbelief because they are Polarized I could see a fish starring ar me. Must have felt intimidated by my new glasses because after I asked if he wanted to fight he took off faster than my kid did when I told him brussel sprouts are what's for dinner tonight. So not only am I invisible but now intimating. Might join a fight club later idk.

Day 3-

So far so good. Woke up and wore my sunglasses inside the house before heading out to work, everyone looking at me weird so i try to sneak out the back door and hear " uhmm are you gonna take the trash with you?" Now, I'm mind blown she could see me still I thought I was invisible... I reply, " I'm invisible" nope, still doesnt work with her. So I carry on with my day. This was the true test, driving at work job to job. Worked out perfect! I reccomend these sunglasses to everyone! Dont hesitate and just buy them, you wont regret it!

I'm keith and I approve this message
Love it thanks
Very nice wallet
I love this ski mask. Everyone asks me were i got it, so I tell them Amazon. Ive even order some as Christmas gifts for my family.
Love it. Had green prior but am passing down to my kid! You can't find adult waterproof watches!
Love the style of this bag.
Item came in good conditions
Bought for teenage grandchildren; they love it.
Great 80% cotton socks. My husband wears size 13W and these fitted perfectly. They have the stick back that help the socks stay in place and not slide off. They look great with all sorts of shoes too since they are so low and you cant see them.

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Good quality!!
I love it. Beautiful. Comfortable to wear. I need more!!!
My 8 year old daughter loves them. Very comfortable for her start of puberty.
Great product for the money
So far this is the best underwear. Ill keep buying. Excellent quality
Product perfect, and at good price
My daughter loved it
The belts are working so far and seem to be fairly durable. I have a 38 waist and for the 40" belt, and I have just a little bit of belt left, once I have fastened it.
https://www.nzlet.com/francepersonnalis735173a8w https://www.nzlet.com/produit250/Eichmüller-Affichage-Triangulaire-indicateur-Lumineux