2-Pack – Unisex Exercise Resistance Booty Hip Bands – $6/pack
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2-Pack – Unisex Exercise Resistance Booty Hip Bands – $6/pack
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diy boot covers pirate

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diy boot covers pirate
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diy boot covers pirate
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diy boot covers pirate
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diy boot covers pirate

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They say you get what you pay for. Well it certainly holds true here. I got these on special for $9 and thought it was a good deal. Got them yesterday and washed them. I think my 8 year old can wear them now, they shrunk to nothing on low heat. The worst part is how wrinkled they were. I mean Id need to iron them just to wear them. Nah sir! Back and the box and going back to Amazon.
Very pretty, but also very easy to break. One of them broke after my second day.
Update....company reached out and replaced the set of rings... appreciate the promptness
Grandson loves it.
Great product
I'm not one to put much stock in spending loads of cash on clothes, and this rings especially true when it comes to clothes few will see like underwear. I've been more than content most of my life buying bulk packs of Hanes and calling it a day. Having lost a bit of weight and looking through a drawer of worn out boxer briefs, I of course first went back to Hanes and ordered as close to what I'd been using for ages again. 5 or 6 for $15 and I was thrilled. However, when they arrived, I found them too tight, too coarse and overall uncomfortable, so I decided to throw a search and Amazon and see what stuck. That's how I landed here.

To be honest, I didn't fully grasp how these briefs would be laid out regarding the two pouch system (I think some of the products have better interior images now though). Still intrigued by the idea of the separation and reduced sweat and adjustments, I took the gamble. I had seen other, similar briefs advertised on TV for much more in cost, so I liked the idea, but I didn't like the idea of $10 a pair! I'd have to be rather impressed with these to stick with them...

...and impressed I have been. These are surprisingly soft and comfortable and if you order the right size and give them a chance, I think you'll find they're worth the purchase. I did have a bit of trouble, if you can call it that, starting with these. To wear them, you're essentially starting your morning inserting yourself into a soft, tight hole of fabric and you can imagine where that might lead during your inaugural run. Settle down and figure it out though and they sit comfortable. Once I got over the initial excitement/awkwardness of this change in style, I was able to finally find that 'feels like I'm not wearing anything' that many other reviewers mentioned. If you get comfortable with wearing them and situated right, it really does seem to fade away. These are snug enough to support but soft enough to remain comfortable to wear at lengths...and provide room to give if your member decides it needs to stretch its own legs...

I've since purchased other models of Separatec briefs and seem to enjoy them all relatively equally. I like this set the most though, perhaps in part because I've had it the longest, but I also like the subdued branding on the waistband; some of the other models have outright obnoxious branding on them that I think should be reigned in a bit (full, bold, white lettering for high contrast).

Cons? With this type of setup, I imagine length may come into play for some folks. I'm happy with what I've got and I seldom have issues, but I do find on rare occasion (and more so with the micro modal pairs I have), that bending and moving in certain ways that will pull your junk back may cause it to fall out of the support holster you get with these. The few times that happens is far easier to deal with than the regular adjusting that came with older pairs of briefs though. The only other qualm I have with these underwear lines in general is that the primary pouch has a seam right down the middle that is usually avoided when you dress left or right with your equipment, but if it happens to rub down the center, it can be irritating on that sensitive opening. Doesn't happen often and when it does, it's almost always while getting dressed, but it does prompt a quick readjustment. Would be nice if they could somehow craft these without that seam, but I'm no fabric wizard so I don't know if that's asking too much.

Other thoughts? I don't much about babying clothes when it comes to laundry, but I've taken to not drying these. Not sure if that's necessary, but I figure air drying them will keep them together longer.

In short, I've spent more on underwear with Seperatec in the past 6 months than I probably have in over a decade, and I'm happy to have found them. I've also had some brief contact with their customer service and have found them to be responsive and attentive. I'll be sticking with them for as long as they're around.
Quality and design
This ring is cute! Definitely taking it to Disneyland. Only problem was they sent me the wrong size. Luckily it still fits and I can wear it on any finger. It definitely beats spending $20+ at Disneyland for a ring
Looks great!!
fits just right
This bag is a great size. It holds a lot and I use it every day instead of a larger purse. You can wear it as a crossbody or around my waist.
I got the 8mm and they are very small but these are difficult to open and I was ready to give up and thrown them away but I got my pliers out stretched them out some to open them then put them in my ear and closed them and then squeezed right tight to secure them, after a hour of putting 6 of them in I finally got them on, if you have someone to do it for you use them to put them in for you
These night vision glasses do the job. Cut back the glare, especially LED headlights.
Very durable. Love the colors.
Very disappointed. Style is exactly the same as the real pair I ordered from Nordstrom, but they are plastic and extremely cheap feeling.

Sold out everywhere else so thought I got lucky, instead just ripped off. Absolutely returning.
I like that they are light weight and fit well under my work shirts
Their M is L and L is probably XXL
its tooo long
I jog daily and these socks last forever!
Great material and fits my husband just right
Perfect. Great quality and they don't make your ears itchy.
excellent Tees!
love em....
Actually for my teen son who does not need glasses but likes the look of glasses with certain outfits. He loves them. Good fit, decent quality for the price, look real.
My son loves these joggers at first but the fabric had balls on it after a couple of washes.
Good for a working mans foot my hubby is an electrician only complaint is he wishes they were a little thicker still not the perfect sock but it . Im still on the hunt in finding the perfect sock thats why I gave 4 stars
Did not like the package
I wanted a wallet that I could carry my phone in as well as other essentials, like lipstick, credit cards etc and this wallet checked every point!! Plus it has a strap for your wrist so that you can have it on your body at all times, especially when your on the dance floor!! Smells so good since it is real leather and love the color...extra bonus is that you can carry more that just a few cards the other phone wallets allow.
I do recommend this item I Ordered a 2x and it fits perfectly thanks @amazon
Ordered these for my husband. After reading the reviews, I decided to order one size up (33"X34") with the understanding he could wear a belt if they were too baggy. The 33" BARELY fits him. I can't comment on the other features or quality of these work pants because he can't work in them. Sizing is way off.
Very comfortable
No problems. Solid belt.
https://www.nzlet.com/francepersonnalis735fzn92s https://www.nzlet.com/produit250/Liujo-TLJ1609-Ownstyle-Montre-Femme