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make a custom shirt near me

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make a custom shirt near me

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Lo compre para mi sobrino le queda Perfecto muy buena calidad lleg rpido Gracias
Reasonably priced hat for sun protection but still looks as OK as a cap when you don't need the protective flaps. I bought it for working in the yard and walking/hiking in high sun etc. Because you know never know when you'll need a hat I've always kept baseball caps in each of our various vehicles but I'm considering getting a couple of these to replace those. The removable flaps and foldable visor makes these very 'packable' and will fit very easily is just about any car's glove box.
My daughter liked them and they fit well
These are probably the very best glasses you can purchase in this price range, that also have interchangeable lenses. In fact, it's this feature that I like best about them. I purchased a total of five lenses now for the glasses, and have used them all. You can also purchase and replace the nose guard, or ear pieces as well.

I should note that I use these almost exclusively for cycling, but have also worn them just out and about.

I've been asked which lenses I like most, and those are the Light Night Fototec, as they have the greatest range of change. They go from nearly clear, for when I'm in deep shade or thick overcast, or the sun is behind hills, to working fairly well in direct sunlight. This has worked well being from New England, and the Pacific Northwest, with plenty of trees and cloudy days. My second choice, which I use on sunny days is the High Speed Fototec, which work extremely well.
I've had 2 Dockers brand money clips, one wore out and one was "lost". I decided to give this Alpine Swiss a shot. I like it a bit better than the Dockers one I had; the magnet is much stronger. Great quality.
Love it easy to wear already set to size. Awesome carbon fiber design.
I should have ordered The larger size. Im a size 9
Not as thin Bellroy makes it seem. The business card pocket is a little tight and damages my cards when I pull them out. I hope this improves with break in. Overall I am very happy with the wallet. I switched from a card holder and money clipt to this and it took a few day to adjust to a full size wallet again. I will have to revist this review in a few weeks as the leather forms to what I carry.
These are a great set of scrub pants. I wear mine for work (RN) so at least 12 hour shifts with loaded pockets. So the draw string/ elastic waist has to hold up and these do. The metal button is great to, I've had scrubs with sewn plastic buttons and they all stretch out. Very good quality. I love the pen pockets on both legs because I have to carry a highlighter and a permanent marker. Very functional, great fit, great look, and most important, really comfortable. Loved them so much I bought a second set.
Perfect fit
I already had two of these, and they are great at a great price for 2. It is a dressy long sleeve T that goes well by itself or under a sport coat, and it is a truly deep black. Remove the label if it is bothersome when wearing.
Found it hard to find a belt that wasn't pleather and one that unscrews so you can put on a belt buckle this one is pretty good for the price 5 stars
The coding is coming off after using it a few time. I only had this for about a month and only used a couple time.
Way to tight in the face, not something I think I will wear.
Love these! I wear men's size 8 and have wide fit and these fit perfect. Very cute and they never fall off. Will buy a second time!
I like the item. Colorful. It is difficult to put the hooks on the eyeglass arms and it doesn't open big enough to fit over all heads. I was able to get it around my neck but my friends I gave one to couldn't. It dosent open wide enough unless I am doing something wrong. There are no directions.
Thank you.
I bought this bag as a gift for a friend. Quality is very good. She gets compliments every time she uses it. She is well pleased. Colors are as shown in the picture. Good job
I thought the jewelry was pretty and appropriate. I have 2 cats and they areimportant to both of us.It was a great gift- appropriate and not extravagant.
Good product
FAST daddy wooooo!!!!
Beautiful. Loved it. I have super small wrists but it stays on nice. Might be good to have more sizes to choose from with different price points. I would have bought a slightly smaller size.
Excellent fit, washes well.
Pretty good belt. Second one I'm buying. Not because I love the damn belt but because my other one was stolen. Somebody else like it to so I'm also giving this belt a rating for the thief as well. He gives it a 5 out of 5. It was well worth risking his job.!
Comfortable waistband, plenty of pockets, could use a bit higher groin area with a smoother lining so as not to abrade the inner thigh.
I like so many things about this purse. It has many features that discourage theft including zippers and a slash free strap. It was great for our vacation to Europe. I like how light it is. Even though it is relatively small, it fit all of the things I needed for a day trip, especially if you use the card slots instead of your own wallet. There are several zippered compartments which are useful for money and passports.
I have been using this purse in town because I like a lighter purse. If you like to care a lot of stuff like an umbrella or laptop, you need a bigger purse, but for day trips it is excellent.
Good quality specially for work
2 shirts had rips on the neck line after 1 wear and wash
Quality great
Make sure you read the description, I didn't til afterwards. It looks and works the way it's supposed to. With the flash, it shows the bright colors, natural light without flash with some color, no light it looks gray.