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“Casper the Friendly Ghost” Kids Frame Tray Puzzle
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custom made louis vuitton shoes



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custom made louis vuitton shoes

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very cheap material, but it'll work for toms if you cut your toenails (lol) any extra nail length at all will cut through the sock after a days walking
Super disappointed in the color. It is NOT mint. It is more like turquoise and grey mixed. I didn't want to mess with shipping it back, so I kept it.
Nicw wallet great price. Plenty of pockets for cards and the pull tab is a good idea, makes it easy to retrieve your cards.
they feel just like the ray bans but nowhere near the costs!
The slim wallet is better than what I expected. I really like it. it's really comfortable to carry and it looks great.
When worn when a full face helmet on a motorcycle it works well at 25 degrees. I paid the extra dollar for the more insulated version and even with a hood it fit under my helmet. Was a little tight, but better than freezing for 40 minutes
Cute but one broke as a put it on the for first time
Fits a little long but great because it didn't shrink after 4 washes so far.
I ordered 2 pairs of these Levi jeans both 32w 34L for my tall slim boyfriend. Both pairs had the tags on and were marked as such.
One pair was tight across his (very slim) hips, and the other fit well except the inseam was more like 32-1/2 not the 34 he needs.
Whats up with quality control?
Thin material, shorter length and sleeves than the other 2xx Amazon brand t-shirts Ive bought, but softer. More suited to summer.
Love them
Never thought I'd never, never wear these,but as you get older they are a great idea.
Looks great, lens is not too dark, this is a perfect alternative to $200 sunglasses as if you break them, lose them, you lose $10 and not $200 - im buying 5 more pairs
Got it for my grandson, he actually put on some purple t-shot and this bow, and looked soooo cute!
My husband tore his shorts while working on the yard and would like to re-order a pair.
I bought this pair of sports sunglasses for mountain biking and I use the clear or yellow inserts the most in the woods. They serve as a great protection to my eyes with their wrap around construction. They have a snug fit and don't slide down my nose. It is easy to switch out the plastic lens inserts--I love this feature of these glasses. The only complaint I have is the carrying case. The zipper broke (almost immediately). I have had to use one of my old cases which is ok because this case is relatively soft compared to the hard cases I have for other sunglasses.
I took the advice of other reviews & order one size up. It worked. My husband usually wears a 34 but ordered a 36 and it fit well. It also looks like it doesn't need ironing street
good looking belt, but had a weak spot in the back causing a slight kink in the leather. Looks fine on but the weak link is a little disappointing.
UPDATE: Well, when my brown sunglasses were stolen, I decided to buy another pair. Thought the red ones would be fun, based on the color in the photo. WRONG! The color shown here is a wearable red. It is deceiving. The glasses arrived today. They are blazing bright, almost electric red. Might look good on a 17 year old rocker, but not something I can wear in public. Waste of my money. Maybe I'll just wear them when I cut the grass or on Halloween. VERY, VERY sorry I bought this color.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: I bought the brown glasses. Nice rich color. Very comfortable and fit nicely over my copper colored wire specs. My prescription glasses are a smaller frame, but these sunglasses are very "roomy" and I feel confident they would also fit easily over a larger eyeglass frame, such as a heavier plastic frame. Seem as sturdy as any other sunglasses I have owned. I really like the wrap around feature, which protects in every direction. The only negative is that they do make my GPS in the car, the car clock, and radio screens etc. a tad difficult to read. It's a "side effect" of polarizing. Any pair pf polarized sunglasses will do the same thing. Benefits far outweighs this minor drawback. Like them so much, I plan to buy another pair in red. A happy purchase!
Not the color shown in picture at all. They are still good glasses. Very thin but they work for their purpose.
Worked great for football
I bought these after getting eye surgery and they cover atleast 90% of light around the edges of the lenses and the polarization and tint is balanced extremely well. I was not expecting a nice hard case, cleaning cloth, soft case and tying strings but wow they are of extremely high quality and convenience. Never heard of this brand but you bet I will buy again and recommend to anyone.
These earrings are really pretty and have kept the sparkle. Have not made my ears itchy, and I am sensitive. I do remove them for sleep/showers though.
Great earrings for the right price.
Great purse. Holds a ton
Fits great
Fits comfortable!
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