shoe box design storage

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Returned.. bought as a gift
Ordered the navy shorts, and the color of the shorts were very light/faded. NOT even close to navy
just what I wanted, Have others and this like them fits well, is soft and smooth and well made as most are, Thus I am happy with purchase
Nothing to get excited about. Fits funny. Come up too high - all the way over my waist to my stomach. Thick waistband makes it a little uncomfortable.
While it doesn't hold a card for every occasion and store, it is a great minimalist alternative to a purse or wallet.

It has a nice powder blue color and it very well made. Nice thick fabric and through stitches!
I am very happy with this wallet!
My husband and brother in law love these socks. They last and are comfortable. Good for men with muscular or heavy calves.
Really nice bag. Super soft leather. And lots of pockets.
Appears well made; comfortable; good fit
I bought this for my 5 year old son and it's great. It's thick enough and provides full coverage. Color is exactly as pictured. It serves its purpose.
Perfect! Just what I wanted!
Material is very nice soft and breathable. Very good for everyday wear. It has good room in pouch without being constricting. I have a pair that I purchased 3 years ago that I still wear so they even hold up well. I also like the boxer briefs.
Nice thick undershirts, heavy weight fabric makes these beautiful tees
Nicely made and should last a long time. Thank you.
Look nice on, feel a little tighter than mu usual jeans but I like them.
Good durability and quality materials.
They are really cute but they are difficult to put on.
I am very pleased with my purchase!

I suffer from rough, dry, and discolored knees,elbows, and ankles :( and this has made a drastic improvement on these areas in just a few uses!

I had trouble with using the product at first because the directions are in Korean. What worked best for me was taking a hot shower and just enjoying the hot water for a few minutes and letting steam build up in the shower. Once you've soaked for a few minutes begin to rub the wet towel on your skin (before soaping up depending on how dirty you are before bathing). It may hurt a little, but you should rub firmly and you will begin to see dead skin roll off. I'm still not sure what side of the towel is supposed to be used, but I got the best results when I used the towel when it looked as if it were inside-out. After using the towel all over I bathed normally and moisturized.

note: I believe a hot shower or bath is key to removing dead skin with this towel. The first time I used the towel I took a warm shower and I had no dead skin come off ( I thought I was so clean the towel wasn't working, boy was I wrong :P). I tried again in a hot shower and got the results I was looking for.
Perfect for cool evening walks.
Lovely piece of jewelry.
I bought this and another brand.They both serve their purpose.This brand has a snugger fit.With both brands in real cold weather, I'll have to add another layer.Wether its a wool like cap or another hood.Since I'm a senior in my 70's the chilly weather affects me more.I'm quite satisfied with the purchase.
Got 2 as birthday gifts for my 5 year old twins, and absolutely love them.
like non mettalic and material-concerned about plastic snaps
Literally, favorite wallet I've ever bought. magnets crazy strong, the wallets to slim and sturdy too. won't ever go back to folding wallets again.
I love the way they look, but they are uncomfortably tight on my 7" wrist.
Shirts are of good quality, but way too short, two full inches shorter than my Hanes and Fruit of the Loom undershirts. I am not especially tall at 5'11" but these shirts are at that awkward length of barely making it to the belt. Too short to wear alone without exposing some midriff every time you make the slightest movement with your arms. Also the length that if you where them under a dress shirt, the shirt is tucked in but the undershirt isn't (or doesn't stay tucked for long)...really annoying. If they were a couple of inches longer I'd buy them again, but they aren't so I won't...